Before we begin, here are a few things I can tell about you:

  1. You love your business dearly.

  2. You care about evolving in an ever-changing business world.

  3. You’re hard work has been paying off and you are ready to outsource a little help to take some tasks off your overflowing plate.

  4. You want some time back!! Whether that is to put back into the business or to spend with your family. Time is definitely something we will never get back.

  5. And you did not come this far in the game to be taken out by exhaustion and burn out!!!

And Here’s what I know about me:

  1. I left the corporate world as a Training and Education Manager to start my own business because I have a fire in my belly to help others succeed… and being my own boss (and making my own hours) is amazing!

  2. I have years of experience on YouTube, running a beauty blog and training brand ambassadors and makeup artists on the latest and greatest beauty products. Former training manager for Kate Sommerville, Coola and Baxter. I love to teach!

  3. I am a self starter and I take initiative to find the most efficient and effective processes for your business. I was voted Miss Efficiency in Fifth grade… if that doesn’t say it all I’m not sure what would.

  4. I love to create and implement processes and believe systems are the key to success!

  5. I’m a wife and mommy and everything I do is to better my family. My son is obsessed with Ghostbusters and my husband is an avid fisherman and spends his weekends restoring our boat. My passion is helping business owners flourish in an increasingly competitive marketplace and world… and I love me some Game of Thrones! Oh and coffee I LOVE coffee!

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